Prestigious New Jersey Golf Club

Direct Audio Video Services had the opportunity to work with one of the finest Golf Courses in the state of New Jersey.  Direct A/V assisted in the design, install and programming of a new Audio Video System, Network, IP Surveillance System and Automated Lighting Control.  

Having the convenience of operating the entire new system from the Club Managers phone was of the utmost importance to this project.  We worked closely with our client to ensure that this feature was customized to their wants and needs and operates smoothly on a daily basis.  In addition, the Golf Club now has remote viewing for cameras and remote access to all technology from off site locations.

Working with the lighting system was a bit more of a challenge, as it was over 10 years old.  Bringing in some of our experienced technicians and programmers we successfully connected the old lighting system to current technology while still staying within a comfortable budget.   A lighting system is essential to setting the correct ambiance for any event and this system offers a wonderful customized approach.  Each setting was hand selected, programmed and manicured to provide the right ambiance for the building.  As well, the the indoor and outdoor lights turn on to pre-set levels based off of time of day and sun.  

A feature that helps bring value and a profitable ROI to this Golf Club is their PA System.  The PA system was designed with the ability to broadcast in a single room, for a private event, or throughout the entire club while they host their members at an outing.

Meeting with the General Contractors tight deadlines were crucial to the success of Direct Audio Video and helped the overall forward movement of these renovations.


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