Smart Home Automation - Home Automation Installation - New JerseyDirect A-V Services offers a full suite of smart home automation for your business or home!  Our business & home automation systems will allow you to control your music, climate, security, lighting, motorized shades and more all at a centralized location.

Just a single button press at night that can…

  • Turn off all house lights
  • Turn off all audio / video devices
  • Set temperature controls for comfort and efficiency
  • Initiate a schedule to change temperature in the morning 

What are the Benefits of Business & Home Automation?

One of the greatest advantages of home automation systems is that users can protect against break-ins and fires, while enjoying automation for lights, temperature, and more. The automation of features in one’s home helps to promote security, comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience. Another benefit of home automation systems is the amount of labor, time, energy and materials that is saved.

Home automation systems are becoming more and more affordable. Not only are prices decreasing, but operating systems are also become less complex so that users can readily master all the controls associated with their safety and security devices. Home automation commands can now be given through smartphones, tablets, and televisions, in addition to computers.

Whether you have a large family or are a household of one, home automation is an attainable solution to your safety and security concerns. After the professional installation of a home automation system, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of leaving or returning to a safer and smarter home.