Complete Audio Video Solutions

Audio / Video Distribution

A rich and versatile media experience without the tangle of wires, cable boxes, speakers and bulky TV’s

  • HD flat-screen displays installed virtually anywhere- on walls, above fireplaces, hidden inside cabinetry or descending from the ceiling
  • Audio systems with flush mounted, hidden speakers installed indoors or outdoors
  • High capacity, high speed media servers and distribution equipment that provides music, TV, movies and streaming internet content 



Conference Room Upgrade                                                               

  • Meet face to face with colleagues around the world via state of the art video conferencing
  • Choose a permanently mounted screen or descending/ascending screen
  • Utilize the latest technology and have interactive white boards at your disposal to provide interactive and engaging presentations for all





Control Systems

Direct A-V will design, install and maintain a cost effective and intuitive Control System to meet your unique needs. Whether you are looking to control your conference room, lights, locks, blinds, shades or HVAC.




Lighting Control

Remotely control indoor and outdoor lights, on demand or on a preset schedule. 

We can even help you to create your own ‘lightscape’ presets for meetings, presentations and more





Video Walls

An eye catching display complete with looping or interactive audio/video presentations. These LED/LCD video walls can often be found in large public places as a combination of up to hundreds of touchscreen panels, all working in stunning synchronization with each other to display a single message. Video walls have unmatched power as an advertising tool and can be used by marketing departments to get their message across to a mass audience effectively.